The Red House // הבית האדום

20 min. 2016

This beautifully animated documentary voices the tails of The Red House, an extraordinary building, like no other in the Tel Aviv landscape.

Built in 1924, the building’s many stories outline a century of life in the city. From the Lodzia Textile factory where socks were painstakingly woven by Polish immigrants, through a synagogue, to one of the most popular modern art galleries of the 1980s, The Red House has seen it all.

Today, a moment before the lights are switched on again, following a long, meticulous restoration process; the film journeys through the many stories these walls have witnessed, with love and longing for a building that is coming back to life.


Director & Script: Tamar Tal Anati | Production: Ronny Douek, Amit Ginzler, Hadar Bakshy Shmeltzer | Production Company: Arava Vineyards | Editing: Rachel Leah Jones‬‏ | Animation: Yoav Brill | Research: Tali Shamir-werzberger, Lily Yudinsky‬‏ | Soundtrack: Aviv Aldema | Music: Alberto Shwartz | World Sales: Amit Ginzler